*Maximize Opportunities                   

*Accelerate Success                   

*Create Life Balance

Illuminate Your Life.  Illuminate The World.


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BRIGHT IDEAS COACH is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and military veterans achieve a higher level of success by taking control over their personal and professional life.  We provide a stable balance between personal coaching and  business consulting through self-examination, shared business knowledge and personal perseverance.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your personal life and professional career, we will help you to:


 - Create a clear vision for your future
 - Set and achieve higher quality goals
 - Make healthy decisions for your life
 - Turn procrastination into action
 - Eliminate rather than tolerate the negatives in your life
 - Achieve a balanced and joyful life!

 - Create a business plan that leads to better success 
 - Build a cost-effective, customized marketing program
 - Increase business skills and get organized
 - Accelerate development in business processes, skills, knowledge, and relationships
 - Maximize time management to reduce work hours 
 - Build successful relationships with other business leaders 
 - Create an inspiring working environment for employees and co-workers
 - Reduce stress and feel rejuvenated
 - Make work fun again!

BRIGHT IDEAS COACH offers a comprehensive approach to helping you break through barriers to achieve personal and professional greatness and create a well-balanced life.  We believe it is critical to align your personal vision, business strategy, processes and relationships to create personal and professional harmony.  Our coaches create a personalized coaching program tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us now to schedule your free coaching session to learn how BRIGHT IDEAS COACH can help you discover your possibilities, build the business of your dreams and live your best life!